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Who we are

We are an international manufacturer for automated linear and motor winding machines and complete manufacturing systems. 100% made at WaM !

Our products

The WaM linear and motor winder machine series, works in fully automated process. The machines are modular designed, prepared for stand-alone or integration in autoline. Due to the consequent reduction of mass inertia all machines reach very high axis speed.

A new machine is not automatically the best solution. You could also bring your old equipment up to date instead. We will show you, how easy it is tailored to your individual requirements.

The WaM-MCS (Machine Control Software) is completely developed by WaM. The software is written in C# and is Windows based. The communication backbone is EtherCAT to integrate servo motors, pneumatic valves/cylinders and digital I/O.


WaM-XTS | Linear product transport

With the XTS linear transport system, Beckhoff offers a proven drive solution in which magnetically driven movers move along a travel path of fully integrated motor modules. An Industrial PC with the WaM-MCS automation software enables the independent control of the movers with individual motion profiles. The XTS not only replaces conventional conveyor belts, but also enables an innovative design of the entire machine. With the flexible motion profiles, simple to highly complex processes can be realized and the entire manufacturing process can thus be optimized.


WaM enables a machine or production line to be connected to the Internet. The machine can be monitored and controlled from a smartphone (iOS or Android). Combined with the notification function (e.g. good/bad parts, cycle time, downtime, etc.), the responsible machine operator can react immediately and minimize unnecessary downtime.

Engineering the future

Read the new interview with our CEO Daniel Winkler about the winding industry. Get more informations on this link:

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