Linear Taper

The WaM-TE taping machine, works in fully automated process. The machine is prepared for stand-alone operation or integration in autoline.
The Taper has five (5) servo motors with absolute axis position. WaM-MCS software enables parallel use of axis (gearing), precise positions, chain interpolation and slow motion of hole taping process for faster ram-up of your production.


WaM-MCSlight, Windows based software installed on IPC. Modular software for control and
program the taper. For more information see WaM-MCS.

Spindle concept

Spindle concept is modular, one (1) servo motor for two (2) spindles with 75mm pitch.

Taper heads

Tape bar, three (3) servo motors for X, Y, Z axis. With 3 axis system you could also do spiral taping. The taper head, incl. taper holder, knife and tape press function.

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