Linear winders

The modular designed WaM-LW linear winding machine series, works in fully automated process. The machines are prepared for stand-alone operation or integration in autoline. The loading/unloading shuttle system could be easily installed and guaranty no damages on bobbins.

Due to the reduced mass inertia by using multiple axis units the machines have between 10 to 26 servo motors with absolute axis position. EtherCAT backbone and WaM-MCS software enables parallel use of axis units (gearing), precise positions, high repeatability, chain interpolation and slow motion of whole winding process for faster ram-up of your production.


WaM-MCS Windows based software installed on IPC (EtherCAT). Modular software for control and program the winder. For more information see WaM-MCS.

Spindle concept

Spindle concept is modular for winding 6, 10, 12, or 20 bobbins simultaneously, one (1) servo motor for two (2) spindles with 100mm or 50mm pitch. Motor configuration could be adjusted to winding specifications (wire diameter and turns).

Nozzle bar (wire guide)

Installed on four (4) servo motors for X, Y, Z axis and Q axis (angle). The movement lengths of all axis is configurable, thanks to the modular concept. Modular single bar length of 600mm for 6 or 10 nozzles or two (2) modular single bars for 12 and 20 spindles. Optional parts are knife, scissors, bifilar, wire changer, etc.

Wire clamp

Installed on three (3) servo motors for X, Y, Z axis. Wire reject with pneumatic turn cylinder and venturi suction system.

Load/unload system (shuttle)

Installed on two (2) servo motors for X, Y axis. Standard module for stand-alone machine or integration in autoline, the length of standard Y axis could be adaptable.

Wire tensioner

Closed loop tensioners up to wire size 0,6mm, integrated to WaM-MCS via EtherCAT. Tensioner for bigger wire sizers are optional.

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