Needle Winder

The WaM-NW needle winding machine series, works in fully automated process. The machine is prepared for stand-alone operation or integration in autoline. The loading/unloading system could be installed directly on the machine, alternatively load/unload by 6-axis robot system.

Due to the reduced mass inertia by using multiple axis units, the machines have between 8 and 12 servo motors with absolute axis position.

WaM-MCS software enables parallel use of axis units (gearing), precise positions, high repeatability, chain interpolation and slow motion of whole winding process for faster ram-up of your production


WaM-MCS, Windows based software installed on IPC. Program Generator and modular software for control and program the winder. For more information see WaM-MCS.

Spindle (U-axis)

Modular concept with 250mm or 500mm pitch. Direct drive motor for 360° rotation. Motor configuration could be adjusted to winding specifications (speed and torque). Following stators could be winded:  

inner and outer straight slot stator

inner and outer skewed slot stator

Needle head mit Nozzle (Z-axis)

Three different versions available. Fixed nozzle in Y or X direction, nozzle 90° tilting pneumatical or +90°/-30° tilting by servo motor.

Wire clamp & cut

Wire clamp & cut, installed on two (2) servo motors for X, Y axis. Clamp can be used also for positioning the wire.

Load/unload system

Load/unload system with three (3) pneumatical axis and one (1) Z servo axis for load/unload on free-flow system. Direct Load/unload by 6-axis robot system.

Wire tensioner

Wire tensioner, closed loop tensioners with the following wire ranges 0,10-0,40mm / 0,20-1,60mm / 0,30-2,30mm, wire speed up to 12m/sec integrated to WaM-MCS

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