A new machine is not automatically the best solution. You could also bring your old equipment up to date instead. We will show you, how easy it is.
We offer WaM-MCS for your machines and systems from third-party suppliers and make them fit again. From the basic review to the latest state of art, we offer you upgrading and supplementary packages - tailored to your individual requirements.

WaM-Retrofit packages, are absolutely worth investing in your future - practically tested, reliable and in-expensive.

Before WaM Retrofit










After WaM Retrofit


  • Extend the lifetime of your machine;
  • Increase flexibilitys;
  • Quick change over to new products;
  • Extend the productivity;
  • Higher machine efficiency. Through energy saving, by use of new technology;
  • Ensure the supply of electronic spare parts and the software.


  • Lower investment costs than when installing a new machine;
  • Easier to work, user-interface with WaM-MCS;
  • No new fundamental costs;
  • Less personnel training expenses, as machine is known by your staff.


Standard changing parts:

Change to EtherCAT system, Windows-10/IOT
Install WaM-MCS windows software, for easy program your machine
Replace all servo motors and drives
Install new IPC with new touch monitor
New wiring and tubing
Install new safety system and new CE covers
Questions about your machine
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